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February’s Successful Annual Event

Ukiah, CA – March 2015: Last month’s annual barbecue with Sheriff Allman, deputies and canines was well attended, with twice the expected turnout. Held at Barra Event Center in Redwood Valley on February 8, about 70 Foundation members and friends gathered in a convivial setting.

Sheriff’s deputies gave a dog demonstration, with a Malinois and Red the bloodhound showing off their K-9 officer skills and training. The dogs are essential members of the law enforcement team.

Ross Liberty, President of Mendocino Public Safety Foundation, gave a presentation and talked about the nonprofit foundation’s programs. Currently, we are recruiting local candidates for scholarship loans to enroll in academy training that leads to employment in police and deputy positions in Mendocino County. Scholarship alumni Cody Mason and Alex Johnston were on hand to share their experiences.

Afterward, the Foundation’s Board of Directors held the annual meeting. A new candidate was interviewed for a scholarship loan. Many members renewed their memberships, bringing in fresh funds to the Foundation. The 2015 goal is to fund at least six more scholarships for local residents to attend policy academy and go to work as officers in Mendocino County.

A good time was had by all. KZYX public radio covered the event for the community news. Thanks to everyone who attended, contributed and supported us! We will keep you informed. And next time you see a local law enforcement officer, remember to say “thanks” for all they do.

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Foundation Annual Meeting and Sheriff’s Event Feb. 8, 2015

Ukiah, CA – January 2015: The Mendocino Public Safety Foundation released its Annual Report in time for the annual membership meeting, Sunday, February 8, from 1 – 3 p.m. at Barra Event Center, 7051 N. State Street, Redwood Valley.

Please join us and Sheriff Tom Allman for lunch and meet the sheriff’s K-9 and bloodhound crew. We will discuss our program of recruiting and financially supporting local candidates for police and deputy positions. Tickets are available at the door. A donation of $15 per person or $35 per family is requested.

Foundation annual report January 2015

A New Policer Officer Funded by Foundation

Willits, CA – July 7, 2014: Cody Mason was sworn in today as a Willits police officer by Deputy City Clerk Cathy Sanders with Police Chief Gerry Gonzalez looking on.cody mason swearing in

Cody Mason attended Santa Rosa police academy this year with his tuition and expenses paid by a loan from the Mendocino Public Safety Foundation, which will forgive the loan after Cody completes 3 years’ service with Willits or another Mendocino County police agency.   He is the first graduate of this program which is intended to help local men and women become peace officers who will stay in the county. Continue reading

Foundation Gives Loans to Local Men to Attend Police Academy – Loans will be forgiven after 3 years’ service here as police or deputies

Liberty, Mason and Sanchez

Liberty, Mason and Sanchez. Photo by Sherry Glavitch

Ukiah, CA – Nov. 14, 2013: The Mendocino Public Safety Foundation has made the first loans in its new program to help local candidates attend police academy. The $7,000 “scholarship/loans” cover tuition, uniform, equipment and expenses and will be forgiven in full if the candidate works for at least three years as a police officer or sheriff’s deputy in Mendocino County. Cody Mason and Diego Sanchez, both of Willits, are the first two recipients of the scholarship/loans and will begin police academy at Santa Rosa Junior College in January. Both are prospective sheriff’s deputies. The scholarship/loans were conceived by Ukiah police chief Chris Dewey as a way to help hire and keep local peace officers. Retention of officers and deputies has been a major problem because of higher salaries offered in other parts of California. “This funding is very important to law enforcement,” says Dewey. “It helps us keep police officers and deputies local. This funding allows our local candidates with strong ties to our community the opportunity to attend a police academy.” The Mendocino Public Safety Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity established in 2011 to channel local donations to assist the police chiefs and sheriff. It has purchased police dogs and a tactical robot for local law enforcement, using donations from over 200 local residents and businesses. The Foundation is funded by local donations and will be launching a fund-raising drive to support the scholarship/loans. “Donations are essential to helping us keep local candidates here in the County,” said Dewey. The Foundation is chaired by Jim Eddie of Potter Valley, a former long-time county supervisor. Foundation president is local businessman Ross Liberty. Tax-deductible donations can be sent to Mendocino Public Safety Foundation, P.O. Box 123, Ukiah.

PHOTO by Sherry Glavitch

Mendocino Public Safety Foundation Funds Scholarships for Local Peace Officer Candidates

Ukiah, CA – July 25, 2013: A new scholarship program is now launched by the Mendocino Public Safety Foundation to recruit local candidates for peace officer training, followed by employment and retention in the Mendocino County Sheriff’s and three City Police departments work force.



The program will fund peace officer or correctional officer academy costs for nominees of the sheriff or police chiefs, as a loan that will be forgiven upon three years’ local service as a sheriff’s deputy, corrections deputy or police officer, including service as a reserve officer.

“Here in Mendocino County one of our most significant challenges is recruiting and retaining high quality law enforcement officers. We are constantly competing with surrounding law enforcement agencies that offer more competitive salaries and benefits. Being able to recruit locally, and develop our own applicants is key to the future success of law enforcement here in Mendocino County,” said Chief Chris Dewey.

“The Police Chiefs and Sheriff here in Mendocino County are extremely grateful for this new program being developed by the Mendocino Public Safety Foundation,” Dewey continued. “Being able to recruit and develop local applicants who have ties to our communities is essential for our future. Along with Sheriff Allman, Chief Mayberry and Chief Gonzales, I would encourage people to help us by donating to this new and exciting opportunity. Having the ability to recruit, develop and retain local law enforcement professionals is key to keeping our communities safe.”

The Foundation, in cooperation with the Police Chiefs and Sheriff as ex officio members, will invite applications. Materials will be available at

Approved nominees would receive a conditional offer of employment or reserve office appointment upon satisfactory completion of Santa Rosa Junior College police academy or correctional officers’ academy. Loan agreements would be between the scholarship award winners and the Foundation.

The loans will cover academy tuition, uniform and equipment, as well as approved miscellaneous expenses, a value of approximately $6,000. Interest will be at one percent, with no repayment unless the candidate defaults under the agreement. The entire loan and interest will be forgiven upon completion of three years of service. The Foundation also may waive repayment under other circumstances. The Foundation plans to fund 2013 scholarships with its existing fund balance.

The Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, was organized in 2011 to raise private funds to assist local law enforcement. The Foundation is continuing to accept donations from the public, including local businesses. Donations are tax deductible, depending on the donor’s individual tax status.
100 percent of every dollar given by general donors will be passed on in support of local law enforcement. All Foundation personnel are volunteers, and fund-raising costs are funded by separate donations received for that purpose. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors headed by Jim Eddie of Potter Valley, a former County Supervisor.

Donations to the Mendocino Public Safety Foundation can be mailed to P.O. Box 123, Ukiah, CA 95482, or made through PayPal at The Foundation can be contacted by email:

Above R: Cadets in training who volunteered at last October’s Foundation barbecue event (not necessarily scholarship candidates). Photo by Sherry Glavitch

Locks Project

Ukiah, CA – February 13, 2013: This project will be funded by Ukiah Police Department and Ukiah Unified School District. The school board voted to use $30,000 in Lottery funds, asset forfeit funds provided by Chief Dewey, and Measure H funds. The Mendocino Public Safety Foundation is pleased to see this project go forward and thanks everyone involved for responding to this public safety need in our community. UDJ news article

January 30, 2013: The Foundation agreed to a proposal from Ukiah Police Chief Dewey to support fund-raising for replacement of hundreds of door locks at schools in the Ukiah Unified School District, so that they can be locked from the inside in an emergency.

“Emotional Survival” training a big success





Ukiah, CA – Jan. 18, 2013: MPSF was awarded a grant from Motorola to bring this training to Mendocino County. Ukiah Policy Chief Dewey reports: “The Ukiah Police Department was able to facilitate an essential training with the cooperation of the Mendocino Public Safety Foundation for the public safety professionals and their significant others in our area. The training was designed by Dr. Kevin Gilmartin for the wellbeing of our officers and families in emotionally surviving the stresses inherent with a career in Public Safety. The training seminar met with great success in attendance over the two separate training days on January 16 and 17, 2013. Over the course of the two days of training, a total of 174 public safety professionals from various agencies with their significant others attended.”

Thanks letter

Giving law enforcement the tools of the trade



Fort Bragg, CA – Oct. 9, 2012: The hunt for fugitive Aaron Bassler last year was handicapped because no local police agency had a tracking dog that could follow a scent in the woods. But that deficiency has been cured, thanks to charitable donations by hundreds of Mendocino County citizens.

The sheriff’s new bloodhound “Red” will meet the public on Saturday, October 20 at 11 a.m. at Noyo Harbor barbeque area on Harbor Drive, Fort Bragg, in a Public Safety Appreciation Barbeque. Red has recently returned from training school and is ready to track fugitives, find lost persons, and do any other public safety duties that require an amazing sense of smell.

The October 20 barbecue is a benefit for the Mendocino Public Safety Foundation, a non-profit that was set up in 2011 to raise funds to help local law enforcement and to build stronger ties between peace officers and the public they serve. The Foundation’s first grant paid for Red.

Another purchase by the Foundation will be greeting the public too. This is “Avatar,” a tactical robot that allows police to enter and search a crime scene without endangering personnel. Avatar can take video, talk and drive by remote control.

Another highlight of the barbecue will be a demonstration of K-9 dogs in action seizing and restraining a “suspect.”

The event will be hosted by Sheriff Tom Allman, who has worked closely with the Public Safety Foundation to identify needs of local law enforcement that citizens can help meet with their tax-deductible donations.

A full barbeque lunch will be prepared by Savings Bank of Mendocino County employees, with supplies donated by Harvest Market. Tickets are $10 per individual and $25 per family and are available at the door and at Harvest Market. A previous Public Safety Appreciation Barbeque in Redwood Valley October 7 drew 150 people.

“This gathering will be fun and it will let folks show their appreciation for our law enforcement professionals,” said Ross Liberty, president of the Public Safety Foundation.

It will also be part of the first annual meeting for the Foundation, which has more than 200 local member/donors. The Foundation is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charity by the federal government and it has a policy of using 100% of public donations for grants to the sheriff and local police departments, without any deduction for administrative expenses. All administrative services are provided without charge by volunteers, and costs like mailing and events are paid separately by local supporters.

The Foundation’s chairman is former county supervisor Jim Eddie of Potter Valley.

Looking to the future, the Foundation has set a goal of raising $20,000 to fund law enforcement in providing security for citizens’ volunteer cleanups of trash and chemicals left behind by illegal marijuana sites on public lands.

The Foundation’s website is and can be reached at 467-3661.

Foundation Sets $20,000 Fund-raising Goal to Protect Public Safety in National Forest Marijuana Grow-site Cleanups

national forest cleanup 1Annual Report excerpt – May 24, 2012: The Mendocino Public Safety Foundation’s Board of Directors set a fund-raising target of $20,000 to fund up to 450 hours of peace officer time to provide security for volunteer cleanup patrols in the Mendocino National Forest.

A pilot clean-up project beginning June 12 will have security funded by a $4,000 Foundation grant, with matching funds from the Sheriff’s office.

The National Forest has been under assault from growers, often gang-related, who have made it dangerous for the public and caused extensive environmental damage. After law enforcement seizes the plants, there is usually a big mess left behind. Volunteers from conservation groups undertake cleanup, but the U.S. Forest Service requires that peace officers accompany them for their own protection. Lack of funding for this extra peace officer duty has stood in the way of cleanups.

Please join us in providing the money to deal with this public safety need that will otherwise go unmet. Our goal is endorsed by the Jere Melo Foundation, sponsor of Take Back the Forest.

Join us as a Member/Donor. Checks to Mendocino Public Safety Foundation, P.O. Box 123, Ukiah CA 95482. Or use our PayPal function at our website:

Mendocino Public Safety Foundation Makes Initial Grants for Bloodhound, Robot

Ukiah, CA – Jan. 28, 2012: The Mendocino Public Safety Foundation will make its first $16,000 in grants to local law enforcement to help acquire a bloodhound and a multipurpose search robot. Responding to requests from local law enforcement, the grants are being made using donations received since November from hundreds of citizens and contributions of $1,500 from Northern Aggregates and $600 from the North Coast Builders Exchange.Press Release – Jan. 28, 2012:

Sheriff Tom Allman told the Foundation that a bloodhound will be able to find fugitives and lost people, and additionally detect drugs and contraband. He says that having a bloodhound available locally would have been an important asset in the recent search for Aaron Bassler on the Coast. Sheriff Allman stated that “adding a bloodhound to the Sheriff’s Office K-9 Division will allow us to search for fugitives and missing persons. We will be working with the three local police departments as well as our neighboring counties to assure that our deputy will be able to assist in times of need.” Mendocino County asset forfeiture funds will be added to the Foundation’s $4,000 grant for the dog, to cover training and upkeep expenses for the animal.


Robotex Avatar tactical robot

Ukiah Police Chief Chris Dewey submitted a request for funding in cooperation with the Willits and Fort Bragg departments for a Robotex Avatar tactical robot, which is a rugged high-tech tool used by dozens of police departments to resolve dangerous situations without risk to officers. The Foundation grant will cover $12,000 of the anticipated $27,562 cost of the robot. The robot can be thrown into a building, right itself, and then maneuver by remote control throughout the interior, even climbing stairs. It provides video and audio surveillance and can detect hazardous materials. An arm on the robot can grasp and remove materials, such as potential bombs.

Chief Dewey anticipates that the robot will provide vital assistance in bomb scares, hostage situations, and hazardous chemical spills. “It is only through the efforts of the Mendocino Public Safety Foundation, that our police agencies could afford this tool. Tools like this help safeguard officers, and are vital in helping us serve our communities. I speak for all our officers and their appreciation to both the foundation and our community for donating these essential funds to assist law enforcement. Thank you. ”

“We’re delighted to be able to help the sheriff and police acquire these tools,” said Ross Liberty, president of the Mendocino Public Safety Foundation. “This is how voluntary donations from the public can make our peace officers safer and more effective.”

The bloodhound will be owned by the sheriff’s department and the robot by the Ukiah police, but both assets will be fully available to all local law enforcement agencies when they are needed.

The Foundation, an IRS-recognized charity, was organized in 2011 to raise private funds to assist local law enforcement, which has been hard-hit by government budget cuts in recent years. The Foundation is especially interested in helping acquire equipment and supplies that will increase the safety and effectiveness of sheriff’s deputies and city police officers. Following a fund-raising mailer in November, the Foundation is continuing to accept donations from the public, including local businesses. Donations are tax deductible, depending on the donor’s individual tax status.

Unlike some other entities that solicit funds in the name of law enforcement, the Foundation pledges that 100% of every dollar given by general donors will be passed on in grants to local law enforcement. All Foundation personnel are volunteers, and fund-raising costs are funded by separate donations received for that purpose. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors headed by Jim Eddie of Potter Valley, a former County Supervisor.

Donations to the Mendocino Public Safety Foundation can be mailed to P.O. Box 123, Ukiah CA 95482, or made through PayPal on the Foundation’s website, The Foundation can be contacted by email at