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Foundation Sets $20,000 Fund-raising Goal to Protect Public Safety in National Forest Marijuana Grow-site Cleanups

national forest cleanup 1Annual Report excerpt – May 24, 2012: The Mendocino Public Safety Foundation’s Board of Directors set a fund-raising target of $20,000 to fund up to 450 hours of peace officer time to provide security for volunteer cleanup patrols in the Mendocino National Forest.

A pilot clean-up project beginning June 12 will have security funded by a $4,000 Foundation grant, with matching funds from the Sheriff’s office.

The National Forest has been under assault from growers, often gang-related, who have made it dangerous for the public and caused extensive environmental damage. After law enforcement seizes the plants, there is usually a big mess left behind. Volunteers from conservation groups undertake cleanup, but the U.S. Forest Service requires that peace officers accompany them for their own protection. Lack of funding for this extra peace officer duty has stood in the way of cleanups.

Please join us in providing the money to deal with this public safety need that will otherwise go unmet. Our goal is endorsed by the Jere Melo Foundation, sponsor of Take Back the Forest.

Join us as a Member/Donor. Checks to Mendocino Public Safety Foundation, P.O. Box 123, Ukiah CA 95482. Or use our PayPal function at our website: www.protectmendocino.org/join.html